Our Vision

Equipping to Stand

Israel will be the center of unfolding events in the latter days and Jerusalem will be the epicenter. Christians and Christian leaders alike must understand the importance of standing with Israel as the events of the latter days unfold.


Building to Reveal

Blessors of Israel is committed to building a Messianic School in Israel to reveal Jesus to His people from the Scriptures. Partner with us to launch a new school so that future generations will be taught and trained to follow Jesus as their Messiah.

Uniting to Defend

Anti-Semitism is on the rise and will continue to increase as the events of the latter-days unfold. Should the need arise, Blessors of Israel will speak out against Anti-Semitism in all its forms.

Informing to Watch and Pray

Join the Signs of the Times Newsfeed and ‘stay on the alert’. Receive news of events from the Middle East and the world concerning Israel from a biblical perspective to help you watch for the signs of the times of the latter days.