Vision & Mission

Equipping to Stand

Israel will be the center of unfolding events in the latter days and Jerusalem will be the epicenter. As a result, Israel will suffer greatly in the days ahead. Christians and Christian leaders alike must understand the importance of standing with Israel as the events of the latter days unfold. Representatives of Blessors of Israel speak at churches and Christian conferences throughout the country to help Christians understand the significance of standing with Israel in the latter days. God is using the vision and mission of Blessors of Israel to turn many hearts to stand with Israel.

Building to Reveal

The main vision of Blessors of Israel is to build a Messianic School of Evangelism in Israel. Students will be taught through the Scriptures, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, so that they may understand the redemption story and discover how Jesus is revealed in both the Old and New Testaments. The goal is to train Jewish believers in Jesus to bring the Good News to the Jewish people in Israel and to equip them to defend Jesus as Israel’s Messiah and Redeemer.

In the book of Revelation we are told that there will be 144,000 Jewish witnesses for Jesus during the Tribulation. Who knows but that the Blessors of Israel School of Evangelism might be used of God in some way to even train those future witnesses for Christ.

Uniting to Defend

There are many who oppose Israel and its right exist as a sovereign state. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and will continue to increase as the events of the latter-days unfold. When the need arises, the voice of those who stand for Israel must be heard. Blessors of Israel will defend Israel and speak out against Anti-Semitism in all its forms, using its influence to be a vocal advocate for Israel and her people.

Informing to Watch and Pray

Those with spiritual discernment are called by Jesus in Matthew 24 and 25 to “be on the alert.” He instructed His disciples to watch for the signs of the times. Jesus also chastised the Jewish leaders in His day because they could read the signs in the sky but could not discern the signs of the times.

Those with spiritual discernment have sensed the storm clouds on the horizon and want to stay informed about the events happening in the Middle East. Blessors of Israel created The Signs of the Times Newsfeed to provide news of events from the Middle East and the world concerning Israel along with biblical commentary to help Christians watch for the signs of the times of the latter days.