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In open threat, Hezbollah publishes drone footage of sites in northern Israel
WATCH: Netanyahu Throws Down on Biden Withholding Weapons, Ammunition
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Tweets 'Death To Israel' Seven Times, Instructs Followers To Stone The Satan Israel
‘Nobody Follows It’: U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Says Obama’s 2015 Iran Deal ‘Means Nothing’
U.S. and Israel assessing new intelligence about Iran nuclear models
Israelis Couldn't Care Less About Saudi Normalization If It Means Hamas Endures
Children In West Bank Brandish Weapons, Wearing Hamas And Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Headbands, Chant: We Are The Soldiers Of Mohammed Deif
The inside story of Israel’s dramatic Gaza hostage rescue
Hamas - 'No one has any idea' how many hostages are alive
G7 warns Iran over continuing nuclear programme escalation
Israel Rejects France as Mediator with Hezbollah: ‘Hostile Policies’
Poll: 67% of Palestinians Support October 7 Attack, Expect Hamas to Win
Hamas’s Sinwar said to laud high civilian death toll in Gaza as ‘necessary sacrifice’
World Plays 'Pretend' as Iran Burns Down Middle East Israel Is NOT the Problem
Palestinian Authority Attacks Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei: His Speech Proves That Iran Is Behind October 7; Iran Is Willing To Sacrifice Palestinians To Promote Its Goals
The Path to October 7: How Iran Built Up and Managed a Palestinian ‘Axis of Resistance’
IAEA report: Iran installs more centrifuges at Fordow enrichment plant
Iran’s FM warns Israel against attack on Lebanon amid Hezbollah's attacks
At least 100 rockets, 30 drones said fired Thursday afternoon, in largest Hezbollah attack yet
Blinken pressed Netanyahu to release frozen Palestinian funds
IDF uses 15th-century weapon against Hezbollah
UN says Israel and Hamas committed war crimes, crimes against humanity
UNSC approves resolution backing hostage deal in 14-0 vote, Hamas agrees to work with mediators
Senior Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad: Egypt And Qatar Have Exerted No Pressure Whatsoever On Us To Accept Biden’s Proposed Ceasefire; Media Reports About Threats To Expel Us From Qatar Are Completely False
U.S. announces $404 million in humanitarian aid for Palestinians
China-Led BRICS Condemns Israel’s Self-Defense Operation, Fails to Mention Hamas
Jordan, Egypt Condemn Israeli Rescue of Hostages; EU, UN Officials Join In
'Whoever bets on Hamas's exit is betting on an illusion' says Hamas negotiator
Iran OKs 6 candidates for presidential race, but again blocks Ahmadinejad
Israel slams UN over 'shameful' inclusion on blacklist of entities harming children in conflict zones
Women and children of Gaza are killed less frequently as war’s toll rises, AP data analysis finds
Report: Half of Hamas Terrorists Killed; 7,000 Remain in Rafah
Israel secures full control over entire Gaza-Egypt border
One Jewish State project: European organization supports David Friedman's initiative
Former Defense Minister: ‘Iran is planning a Holocaust for Israel within 2 years’
NAACP Asks Biden to Halt Weapons to Israel as He Seeks to Shore Up Black Voter Support
Spain applies to join South Africa’s case at top UN court accusing Israel of genocide
Netanyahu warns: We’re ready with ‘extremely powerful’ response to Hezbollah attacks
‘First Attack of Its Kind in Years’: Gunmen Attack U.S. Embassy in Lebanon
UN nuclear agency’s board votes to censure Iran for failing to cooperate fully with the watchdog
Turkey Wants to Join BRICS: Becoming the Only NATO Member in the Alliance
US House passes bill sanctioning ICC for seeking Netanyahu, Gallant arrest warrants
Israel signs agreement with U.S. for purchase of new F-35 fighter jets
Macron tells Netanyahu Gaza war must end, is mum on freeing hostages as condition
Israel says more than a third of Gaza hostages are dead
Domino Effect
Palestinian Authority Slams Iran for Backing Hamas: Not Helping to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem
Iran’s acting FM meets Nasrallah to discuss Hezbollah’s war against Israel
Iran’s Acting FM Meets Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leaders in Syria, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire
Biden warns China's economy is on the brink
Iran’s hard-line former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad registers for June 28 presidential election
America is next: South African minister says countries aiding Israel liable for ICC prosecution
Glick: Does Biden reject Israel’s right to self-defense?
South Africa quietly excludes citizens in Israel from voting amid growing tensions
France bans Israeli companies from Eurosatory arms fair over Rafah operation
WATCH: IDF uncover weapons stored in UNRWA school
Endorsement of American Pro-Hamas College Students by ‘World’s Biggest Terrorist Leader’ Sparks Widespread Reaction
Mossad: Iran-backed criminal networks behind attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe
Slovenia's govt recognizes Palestinian state, needs parliamentary approval
Our tinderbox moment: Four flashpoints
Palestinian prime minister visits Madrid after Spain, Norway and Ireland recognize Palestinian state
Iran's Khamenei seeks trusted hardliner to replace Raisi in June vote
Saudi Arabia Accuses Israel of ‘Continuous Genocidal Massacres,’ Throwing Doubt on Biden’s Future Deal
Erdoğan urges Muslims to fight ‘bloodthirsty vampire’ Netanyahu
IDF says hidden store of terror munitions may have caused deadly Rafah blaze
Iran further increases its stockpile of uranium enriched to near weapons-grade levels, watchdog says
Danish parliament rejects proposal to recognise Palestinian state
China Welcomes Presidents of Egypt, UAE, Tunisia for Arab Summit
Renowned Russian Academic Karaganov: We Hope To 'Sober Up' The West 'By Intensifying Nuclear Deterrence'; If This Does Not Succeed, 'The World Will End Up Escalating Into WWIII'
Germany Warns Netanyahu It Will Execute Any ICC Arrest Warrants Against Him
Iran Holds Terrorism Powwow with Hamas, Houthi, Hezbollah Leaders
Video of Hamas kidnapping female IDF soldiers published by Hostages and Families Forum
Biden waiting until after election to openly confront Israel, staffer reveals
Former Iranian Presidential Candidate And Rutgers University Lecturer: 'Iran Must Produce A Nuclear Bomb'; 'Deterrence [Against Israel] Is Not Possible Without A Nuclear Weapon'; 'America Is Ready For Iran To Have A Bomb In Order To Achieve A Balance Of Power With Israel'
Russian President Putin In China: It Is Necessary To Strengthen The Emerging Multipolar World
World Health Org admits 10,000 ‘unidentified’ Gazan fatalities not yet found
'Iran Is Slowly Making Preparations To Announce That It Has A Nuclear Bomb'
Haniyeh: Post-war plans that exclude Hamas will be rejected
IDF uncovers Hamas plan to set up terror base in Turkey
Iran Repeats Lie of Anti-Nuclear Fatwa After Lawmaker Boasts It Already Has Nukes
White House: We do not believe genocide is occurring in Gaza
UN seemingly halves estimate of Gazan women, children killed
Blinken: ‘Israel Has Not Acted in a Manner That’s Consistent with International Humanitarian Law’
Russia calls on Israel to adhere to international law amid Rafah incursion
Turkey joins South Africa in genocide case against Israel
Iran Cheers on Antisemitic Protests on U.S. Campuses
Senior Iranian Regime Officials Warn Of Iran's Coming Nuclear Breakout
Chinese Foreign Minister Calls Iran ‘Good-Neighborly and Friendly’ After Israel Barrage
Putin Praises Iran’s Missile Assault on Israel: ‘Best Way to Punish Aggressor’
Iran nuke scientist says ‘not complicated to build atomic bomb’
'Our blood will not be exploited': Fatah attacks Iran over West Bank chaos
Russia raises stakes with moves along Israel's borders
US: Russia, China 'refuse to condemn Hamas for burning people'
China Tells Hamas Chief It Is ‘Keen on Relations’ in First Meeting Since October 7
Biden on hot mic: Told Bibi we needed "come to Jesus" meeting on Gaza
IDF Warns Biden: Iran Arming Venezuela with Weapons ‘Very Well Capable’ of Hitting U.S.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Legal Advisor: Palestinians Have The 'Inalienable Right' To Use Force To Resist Israeli Oppression
Saudi Foreign Minister: Palestinian State ‘Already Exists,’ Palestinian Authority ‘Capable and Credible’
MUST READ: Memo to the 'Experts': Stop Comparing Israel's War in Gaza to Anything. It Has No Precedent
Biden Commits to Jordan’s King to Continue Ban on Christian, Jewish Worship on Jerusalem’s Holy Temple Mount
Hamas gets $8-12 million per month from charities posing as raising funds for Gaza
Pravda.Ru Interviews Hamas Leader Abu Marzouk: We Count On Russia's Help To Defeat Israel
Russian FM Lavrov equates IDF actions in Gaza to Hamas Oct 7 attacks
Watch: Hamas Leader Rejects Two-State Solution
What is behind Turkey's staunch support for Hamas in Gaza?
God Bless Him’: Putin Praises Hamas Defender Erdogan for ‘Leading Role’ in Gaza War
Russia at UN: Israel has no right to defend itself
Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘Death to America’ Is Not Just a Slogan, but Iran’s ‘Policy’
Putin compares Israeli action in Gaza to WW2 Nazi tactics
Nasrallah: Any nation that normalizes with Israel must be condemned
China and Russia: The New Axis of Evil