Palestinians Support for Hamas Remains Strong

Palestinians Support for Hamas Remains Strong

Once again, the polling numbers say it all, numbers that send a clear message which will not be welcomed by proponents of a Two-State Solution with the Palestinian Authority governing a new Palestinian state. The survey was conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR). Of the 1,570 Palestinian adults surveyed, 760 live in Judea and Samaria (a.k.a. “West Bank”), and 750 live in central and southern Gaza. The face-to-face interviews were conducted between May 26 and June 1, 2024. The margin of error was 3%.

The survey reports that 67% of the Palestinians polled still believe that Hamas made the “correct decision” when its terrorists launched a barbaric attack against Israel on October 7th. When broken down by region, 73% of supporters reside in the West Bank while 57% live in Gaza. What is quite revealing is that approximately 80% of the Gazans surveyed also said that they had lost a relative or had a relative injured by Israel and yet they still support Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Another survey question showed that 88% believe that Hamas did not commit war crimes on October 7th compared with 97% who believe that Israel is currently committing war crimes as it seeks to defend its citizens from another October 7th-like attack. And when asked if they believed Hamas committed the atrocities which are seen in the videos posted by the terrorists, “the overwhelming majority (91%) said no, it did not, and only 7% said it did.”

It is important to keep in mind all that the Palestinians living in Gaza have endured at the hands of Hamas while reading the survey results; used as human shields, having humanitarian aid stolen from them by Hamas terrorists, and being threatened with personal harm or even death if they did not obey the oppressive dictates of Hamas leaders who are living in the lap of luxury in Qatar. Nevertheless, the survey found that 61% still prefer that Hamas remains in control of the Gaza Strip, with 71% of Hamas supporters coming from the West Bank and 46% coming from Gaza. Yet when asked if the Palestinians want the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of the current President Mahmoud Abbas to govern a unified Palestinian State, only 6% gave their approval. In fact, “About 90% want the president to resign.”

What is also concerning is that 75% are satisfied with Hamas’ performance during the war and 65% are pleased with the performance of its diabolical ringleader, Yahya Sinwar. By the way, it is this same Sinwar who sent a message to Hamas leaders in Qatar which stated that civilian casualties are “necessary sacrifices” (The Jerusalem Post).

And when it comes to breaking the stalemate between Israel and Hamas, 63% of Palestinians prefer “a return to confrontations and armed intifada” to “negotiations” or a “peaceful popular resistance.” In fact, 54% of those polled believe an “armed struggle” is the “best means of achieving Palestinian goals in ending the occupation and building an independent state.” What is interesting about these results is that 65% are opposed to a Two-State Solution. Why? Because they want a One-State Solution, meaning a world without Israel.

Another interesting survey result involves Palestinian views “towards the deployment of an Arab security force from Egypt and Jordan in the Gaza Strip.” Back in December of 2023, 70% opposed the idea of Arab security forces assisting Palestinians security forces. Six months later, opposition to this type of security rose to 75%. And speaking of other Arab nations, few if any will be surprised to learn that 75% oppose Saudi-Israeli normalization, “even if it is conditional on Israel accepting a Palestinian state and taking concrete and irreversible steps toward that goal.”

In terms of approval ratings for regional actors during the war, Yemen tops the list at 80%, followed by Hezbollah at 57%, Qatar at 55%, and Iran at 49%. And speaking of Iran, there was 27-pecentage point increase from three months ago when Palestinian support was reported at 22%. The “rise in satisfaction with Iran is tangible, almost certainly due to Iran’s direct missile attack on Israel in April,”

So, let’s summarize the results. First, the Palestinians still support Hamas (along with their leader, Sinwar) and expect Hamas to win the war against Israel and even govern Gaza the day after the war ends. Second, the Palestinians believe armed opposition is one of the best ways for them to achieve their goal of independence. Third, the Palestinians are opposed to a Two-State solution because they want a One-State Solution. Fourth, the Palestinians do not want security assistance from their closest Arab neighbors, Egypt and Jordan. Fifth, the Palestinians are opposed to any Saudi-Israeli normalization even if that it paves the way for a Palestinian State.

Question: Why are the nations standing against Israel as it seeks to protect its citizens from this type of existential threat?

Again, please do not misunderstand me. I want peace as much as the next person and it breaks my heart to see the suffering in Gaza because Hamas leaders have doubled-down and lay down their weapons and return the hostages. But even if Hamas leaders did admit defeat, released the remaining hostages, and lived in exile, these polling results make it clear that Hamas ideology will live on in the hearts of those Palestinians who remain in Gaza the day after Hamas is defeated. And we must never forget that the likes of Iran, Hezbollah, Qatar, and Yemen will gladly support and even fund any efforts to terrorize and ultimately defeat Israel so that from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.       

Will you please join me in praying for Israel and her people at this critical time?

by Dr. Matthew Dodd | June 14, 2024